Brandon is a Toronto based studio photographer whose signature is crisp, colourful, and pristine, capturing both people and still life. His area of focus is storytelling through lighting and his photographic style.

Brandon is inspired by contemporary art, fashion, and design. His work blurs the line between culture and hype, to create images that stand the test of time.

As a child, being a boy scout prepared him for anything that comes his way. It’s this attitude he brings with him on set and in life.

With a strong technical foundation and extensive experience on set, Brandon puts clients at ease with his proven ability to bring an idea to life with humour and grace.

Clients he’s worked with include Cossette, FCB, Concrete, Makers, Keilhauer, Division 12, Bank of Montreal, Quo - Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty, and Annabelle Cosmetics.



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